Memorial Flotilla Project

In 2017 we were delighted to be granted £2.4M in LIBOR funding by the Chancellor for our “Memorial Flotilla” project to create an operational flotilla of small craft that played a significant role in the defence of the nation during the Twentieth Century.

LIBOR funding originates in fines levied on the banking industry for manipulating the LIBOR rate, and has been used to support those that represent the best of values, in particular military and emergency services charities and other related good causes.

Our project, delivered over a six-year period comprised five elements:

  • The restoration of First World War Armed Steam Cutter 26, Falmouth.
  • The restoration of Landing Craft, Vehicle Personnel (LCVP) Foxtrot 8
  • New engines for the Second World War Motor Gun Boat (MGB) 81
  • Construction of a replica of Coastal Motor Boat (CMB) 4
  • The creation of a new pontoon network as a base for the Flotilla
The involvement of members of the Armed Forces community in the restoration and construction works has been central to the project, as has the inclusion and appreciation of veterans as part of events within the Dockyard and abroad, and activities out on the water.

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