Osborne - Steam Pinnace (Cutter)

Osborne was built in 1896 by J Samuel White & Co, of East Cowes.  The boat served on three royal yachts:  “Osborne,” “Alexandra,” and “Victoria and Albert III.”  It is believed she was used by Queen Victoria, but given that she carries the Prince of Wales’ feather insignia, her use by the queen may more likely be rumour than fact.

She was decommissioned 1936 and used for dockyard service.  Primarily owned thereafter and saved from destruction in the 1950s by A J Kitson.  Osborne was converted for use on the River Thames and then unused for many years until purchased by A L Spencer in 1972.  She was re-launched in 1979 after a 7-year restoration period and used extensively on the Thames and south coast until 1992.  The craft was preserved and maintained at Bucklers’ Hard until she was moved to Sandringham in 1997.  She moved to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in 2007.

Boat Stats

Length Overall

31ft 3in


7ft 5in


3ft 6in


5.5 Tons.


Compound steam.


8 knots


Mahogany: double skin, diagonal inner, carvel planking. Oak framing.

Date Built


Boat Yard

J Samuel White & Co. Ltd. of East Cowes, Isle of Wight.

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