Dainty - Fast Motor Dinghy

Fast Motor Dinghy (FMD) 5004 was built by Woodnuts’ Boatyard on the Isle of Wight in 1951 to serve as the captain’s boat aboard the Daring-class destroyer, HMS Dainty.

These boats are of hard chine planing form.  They were designed in the mid 1930’s and were issued to:
i) All ships carrying aircraft;
ii) All flotilla leaders in full commission, and E class and later destroyers; and
iii) For Aberdeen and later patrol vessels.

Popularly known as skimmers or dishes, boats of this design proved to be unreliable and often received adverse comments from captains.  In the early 1950’s, a new design vee drive 16ft. FMD was constructed using a fibreglass PVC sandwich by J. S. White & Sons and had favourable proving trials on board HMS Cumberland during the summer of1957.  Subsequently all 16ft. FMDs were replaced by the new vee drive design.

FMD 5004 was replaced in 1958 when she transferred to the Port Auxiliary Service in Portland, finally completing her service with the Royal Navy in 1962

Boat Stats

Length Overall

16ft 6in




11.5in fwd, 20.5in aft


1.25 tons


Not currently fitted, originally a Coventry KF4.


21 knots


Topsides 3/8" African mahogany, bottom 1/4"African mahogany double diagonal. Keel - spruce. Frames - Canadian rock elm. Beams - mahogany. Decking - 3.4" Burmese teak.

Date Built


Boat Yard

Woodnutts, Newport, Isle of Wight

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