The PNBPT collection is kept in working condition so that future generations can appreciate the skill that was required to design, build and operate these craft.

The vessels are available to the public for charter, film work, corporate activity, educational and commemorative events.

The Forgotten Craft

From the earliest campaigns to the present day and in to the future, the armed forces have always relied on small craft. From mounting amphibious operations, to air sea rescue, from clandestine landings to frontline fighting, small boats have a played a vital role.

The PNBPT collection of Forgotten Craft illustrates the wide range of tasks and specialities these craft were built to undertake.

Included in our collection are frontline offensive weapons like MGB 81, build to attack marauding German torpedo boats; heroic RAF launches, built to rescue downed airmen and service flying boats; mundane yet crucial service launches for the ferrying of equipment and personnel and landing craft used as recently as the Falklands campaign.

The collection represents the full spectrum of tasks undertaken by small boats in time of war and of peace. Without them the armed forces would simply not be able to function. 

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